The first borescope was invented in 1960 by 2 American physicists called Broan O’Brien and Narinder Kapany. Over the years, its design has undergone many changes. Now you can find different kinds of borescopes: Rigid Semi-rigid Flexible units. A rigid borescope will consist of straight lenses and tube that makesContinue Reading

If you want to drive a car in Australia then you need to clear the driving test for obtaining your driving license. Few states also conduct theoretical tests in order to evaluate the knowledge of the driver.   Theoretical test may not worry you as much as much the practical drivingContinue Reading

The Federal Government of Australia has passed a few amendments to corporations, and insolvency laws due to challenges posed by COVID-19. These changes will apply to several otherwise lucrative and viable businesses. Let us learn about these changes in insolvency laws. Changes in Insolvency laws made by a government AustralianContinue Reading

There are so many things that have been said about face masks and more so respiratory ones. One thing that cannot be disputed is that masks can save you a lot. There are so many people who have contracted serious diseases for simply not putting on a mask. It isContinue Reading