Few Things To Consider While Selecting Yout Right Logo Mat

A clear brand identity is a secret behind all successful businesses and in today’s globalized market, brand awareness has become even more important than before. If you want to achieve this, you must communicate your brand very effectively wherever you get the opportunity. For sustaining and conveying a positive brand image, you must create a very positive brand image.

Use of the WaterHog Legacy inlay logo floor mat can be a potent way to present the brand logo of your company and/or also key messaging at a certain crucial point when most visitors will cross the main entrance of your business. Your logo mat will create your first impressions!

Making a correct choice will not be too difficult, but you must consider a few things while selecting your right logo mat.

  1. Budget

Your budget will always be an important consideration while selecting your logo mats, as the prices of these mats can vary a lot based upon their quality. Usually, printed logo mats may cost you much less than any coir logo mats as coir is a natural fiber from any coconut husk, which is commonly utilized in doormats, scrapes, and brushes.

However, if you have a very tight budget then prefer printed mats rather than coir mats.

2. Complexity of design

With any printed mat, things like color and design complexity are non-issue. The price will remain unaffected, and any printer can recreate accurately whatever design that has been input. However, the only concern perhaps would be, any complex design may not create the required calming mood that you are looking for!

A coir mat will demonstrate quality as they are hand-made products having a hand-made look, and the design will be woven into your mat instead of printing on top.

3. The mat location 

Where you are going to place your mat is another important factor to consider. A cafe that is directly available on the pavement may need a coir or brush mat as these will be useful in trapping the entire dust and dirt as every customer will wipe their feet.

However, a mat in a certain office block or any retail mall may not have this similar requirement for your dirt catching, and rather you will prefer a bright and vibrant mat.

4. Durability

Depend upon the location where you want to place the mat, you will also need to consider what is the durability of your mat. Whether will it remain exposed to various elements? How expensive your floor is?

Spending more on your mat can also offer greater savings in the longer run.

5. Get expert advice

It will also be advisable if you take advice of an expert who has plenty of experience in advertising and marketing so that he can offer you a better suggestion in selection of your logo mat. Often a certain design and style of the mat can offer you much better results as compared to others.

These days, you can get a very exclusive type of logo mats and they are quite effective in promoting your brand.

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