Why Do You Need A Disk Image Backup

Two types of backups could help restore the system state to the best working condition: file-level backup and system backup. A file-level backup is useful in other selected cases when a person needs to back up a small number of files.

However, in companies, where there is a need to back up a large number of files, a file-level backup won’t work. You would need a system-level backup. In this article, we are going to talk about the concept, features, and benefits of a system-level backup.

TeraByte Unlimited is a leading company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm has been providing a broad array of computer services that include the sale of hardware and software, drive image backup, repair, consulting, custom programming, and network installation for the IBM midrange platforms and IBM PC.

File-level back up

In case of a file-level backup, the user takes backup and restore documents and files that include Word documents, presentations, photos, spreadsheets, movies, and audio files. This type of backup will work only when a person wants to restore small number of documents and files.

However, backup of these files is not sufficient to restore an entire Mac or PC. In this case, you would need a complete system backup.

System-level backup

For complete restoration of the system, you would need to few more files than the individual files that are store on the computer. These other files are preferences, operating system, browser history, applications, bookmarks, settings, device drivers, created files, downloaded files, etc. Without this information, your system would not start and resume its normal working state.

Advantages of Image for Windows backup

  • Image for Windows is a convenient way to back up all the data stored on a hard drive including operating systems, and programs.
  • Backups are saved to external USB drives, internal drives, BD, network drives, compact disks, DVD drives, etc.
  • The software is beneficial to create a recovery boot disk.
  • “Image for Windows” operates under the Windows OS, Linux or DOS, and even partitions that are encrypted by 3rd party software.
  • The drive image files created by Image for Windows works across all Unlimited TeraByte disk imaging products. This way, the user gets the flexibility to restore disk images using their component of preference.

Image for Windows Features

Here are some of the impressive features of the TeraByte Drive Image Restore and Backup Suite.

  • An affordable and full disk imaging solution
  • Offers Complete Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Secured backups using full 256-bit AES encryption or password protection
  • Backup Changed Data
  • Simple, and Wizard-Driven interface
  • Offers compression in terms of size and speed
  • Maximum Speed that creates reliable backups quickly
  • Optical Drive Support to save backups to a CD, DVD-DL, DVD, BD.
  • Bootable Rescue Discs
  • Offer support for drives larger than 2TiB.
  • Supports Workstation as well as Server versions of Windows.
  • Supports Multicasting to lessen network traffic at the time of deploying several workstations.


File-level backup alone is not sufficient to restore an entire system. Disk image backups capture the image of the hard disk and allow you to restore the entire system to an earlier state quite fast. Thus, if your goal is to restore the entire system to its best working condition then a system-level backup is essential.

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