Ways of improving energy efficiency in your building

Commercial buildings account for one of the highest energy consumers in the market. This translates to high electricity costs, lower efficiency, and reduced returns in the long run. Being energy efficient is one of the most critical factors that you should incorporate to reduce the wastage of energy and resources.

There are ways that you can adopt that can improve the energy efficiency in your building. Here are five techniques that you can adopt.

  • Energy-efficient bulbs and lighting fixtures

Lighting options are a vital requirement for any building. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lighting will reduce the electricity bills by 75%. Take your time to find the perfect led bulbs that suit your space. They are also highly recommended as they are durable and have a longer lifespan, saving you the cost of constant replacement.

  • Install light sensors.

Light sensors are a lighting control mechanism that turns lights on and off automatically. For your LED lighting fixtures to be efficient, you need to install light sensors. They are affordable and highly reliable in controlling lighting and minimizing energy costs. When installed, they significantly improve the efficiency of the building.

  • Regulation of heat by using thermostats

Occupants of buildings tend to use energy through wasteful habits such as heating a room or heating water. This results in an increase in energy costs by a significant margin. Encourage responsible heating through the installation of thermostats. The use of thermostat reduces energy costs substantially, resulting in savings.

  • Energy Star efficient products.

Electrical appliances are manufactured to make life easy for us; however, they can increase electricity costs. You should purchase products with high manufacturer’s energy-efficient ratings to save on energy. Compared to conventional products, they reduce the energy used by 15%. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of the building while saving you costs.

  • Plug leak in the building.

Always check for leaks in the building as they make it challenging to control internal conditions. Having leaks makes you use more energy in boiling water more than you would normally use. In cases where you suspect leaks, we would recommend weather stripping and caulking to control ventilation and improve indoor air quality. This will result in lower heating costs, therefore improving efficiency.

Where buildings face direct sunlight, it increases the roomtemperatures to high, requiring more energy to cool off. To control the temperatures, consider insulation through investment in solar screens, awnings, and solar films, sun-proof the building by blocking direct sunlight from the windows.


The cost of energy for a building can be very high, especially where nothing is done to improve energy efficiency. Research has shown that by making efficiency upgrades, you can save up to 35%of energy. I would recommend that you use cost-effective measures and solutions to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency. Implementingthrough the ways discussed above of improving energy efficiency from Frankston electricians in your building can save you money. Try out the services of a professional and you’ll never regret.

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