All that You Must Know about Borescopes

The first borescope was invented in 1960 by 2 American physicists called Broan O’Brien and Narinder Kapany. Over the years, its design has undergone many changes. Now you can find different kinds of borescopes:

  • Rigid
  • Semi-rigid
  • Flexible units.

A rigid borescope will consist of straight lenses and tube that makes them quite affordable units. Semi-rigid models are bendable and ideal for any small spaces, and flexible scopes have very high mobility that allows experts to explore small cavities and angles.

First borescope was meant for examining large guns, but now borescopes are used in a variety of settings like:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive applications
  • Electronics
  • Law enforcement
  • Military applications
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Remote visual inspections
  • Sanitations

There are best borescope for Turbomeca engines available and following 6 varieties are commonly seen.

  1. Industrial borescopes
  2. Rigid borescopes
  3. Semi-rigid scopes
  4. Fiberscopes
  5. Videoscopes
  6. VJ-3 articulating type video borescopes

Factors to consider for selecting the borescope

In different settings of research and production, although scopes are considered as invaluable tools, however to get a borescope is little challenging. Any prospective buyers must consider 3 major factors:

  1. Requirements

As you all are aware that scopes are quite versatile optical tools, which can be utilized in many different kinds of settings.

Based on the actual field of work, the scopes can always be divided into endoscopes and borescopes which is generally utilized in medical and industrial settings, respectively.

However, you should keep in mind that most of scopes that are sold online usually are borescopes, which are used by specialists as well as DIY enthusiasts.

  1. Specifications

Besides their different applications, the main difference between various scopes will be tube type that they consist of. These tubes can be:

  • Rigid
  • Semi-rigid
  • Flexible

You may note that borescopes will consist of eyepiece, optical tube, light, and also a camera for allowing specialists to look and analyze few hard-to-reach areas. Due to advancement in the digital technology, also digital units are gaining popularity.

Since contemporary units can provide USB as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, the compatibility and connectivity are 2 major parameters for consideration.

In case the scope will allow users to download any app for recording or visualizing information, then prospective buyers must check whether the unit will be compatible with the operating system too.

  1. Total costs

Total cost may vary to a large extent due to availability of wide varieties of borescopes in the market for sale, type of scope, brand, length, optical quality, as well as additional features all these can add to final cost of any model.

Naturally, any flexible units which can offer high-quality images with improved connectivity are usually more costly as compared to traditional models.

To sum up, these scopes are considered as versatile optical units that can always be used in variety of settings, like medicine, quality control, as well as industrial settings.

Although those scopes meant for professional use, particularly those used within the medical settings, are difficult to purchase online.

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