Consider Few Things Before You Decide to Buy A LED Bulb

After the CFL light, which had captured the lighting segment, LED light has stormed into the market and all other lighting segments have gone out of business.

LED light bulbs has a number of plus points due to which people now prefer to switch to LED lights. 

However, buying an LED can be a little different from buying any incandescent bulbs. Here you need to see few more things when you are shopping for a LED light. Following are few of them.

     1. Look for lumens and not their wattages

Usually, most of us are familiar with shopping incandescent bulbs where we used to specify the watts of the lamp as that was the parameter to decide the light. However, LED lights can produce same light at much less wattage.

Therefore, ask for lumen which is a measurement of brightness.

      2. Make sure that it is compatible with your light fixtures

There are many different varieties of LED lamps available in the market and the fixtures used by different LEDs can be quite different from each other. Therefore, while shopping for your LED, make sure that it is compatible with your fixture.

      3. Check the compatibility with light dimmers

In many of the houses, people use a light dimmer circuit to dim the light as per their need and the circuit is designed on the basis of incandescent lights, which may not run with LED. Therefore, you must have compatible light dimmers for LED lights. 

      4. Compare the costs

Costs of LEDs are a bit higher than any other types of light sources that are available. However, with mass production the prices are coming down to some extent. Therefore, before you buy any LED light, you must compare the prices against their specifications. 

      5. Check the warranty

Different suppliers for LEDs may offer different kind of warranty based on their technology used. Therefore, before you buy, you must ask for the warranty.

      6. Choose the shape

LED lights are available in many different shapes and sizes and also many new kinds of fixtures for fitting them are available in the market. You can choose any fancy shape to meet your décor. 

      7. Choose your color

There are few different color choices available besides white color which is a commonly available in the market. You need to get familiarity with color rendering index, that will measure how the light source will be able to illuminate the color.

      8. Color temperature

It will also be important to understand what the color temperature is? There is a specific white light shade that each bulb may offer and the color temperature can be measured on the scale of Kelvin and it generally works similar to a flame.

      9. Brightness vs efficiency

While speaking about brightness, you must know how much brightness that you need. Most bulb-makers measure their light output in terms of lumens, and then print their lumen output on their bulb’s packaging. If you like to replace any 60W bulb, then you will need minimum 800 lumens.

      10. Directionality

It will also be worth understanding about directionality. Cloud LEDs are designed for shining just in one direction, but any common A-shaped bulbs must shine ideally in all directions.


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