How Can Laminated Bags Help You at Trade Shows?

A good laminated bag is dearly loved by everyone because of its sturdy, stylish, and functional use. They are durable, foldable, and portable making it the perfect bag to take for a quick grocery run. These are the benefits that laminated bags provide customers. There are more benefits that they provide to the business owners.

These bags are easily customizable and have a large canvas which makes it the perfect promotional product. You as a business owner can design it in any way you like by adding your logo, motto, contact details, etc. Make sure that they are colorful and eye-catching so that they attract attention and increases your audience.

Custom Grocery is a manufacturer of custom reusable bags such as shopping bags and tote bags. They make these bags out of ecofriendly materials such as recycled items and cloth materials like cotton and jute. They pride themselves on their large selection of tote bags that they offer at low prices. Furthermore, they even customize for your company at an affordable rate.

Ways to use laminated bags at trade shows

Just making these promotional products will not attract more audience; you will also have to distribute these products so that more people are aware of your brand. The following are some methods you can use laminated bags at conferences and trade shows.

  • Order ahead of time: Make sure you stay organized and order these bags to be customized ahead of time so that you are well prepared for the trade show. Keep in mind the information and design you want on your bag to order them well ahead of time.
  • Match your booth and bags: To make your booth as attractive as possible amongst the other booths at a trade show, you can make sure the canopy matches the bags, posters, tabletop accessories, and any other items. Your bags must also be designed to fit the theme of the booth.
  • Use them for swag: Bags themselves can be used as a fashion statement. Everyone needs to have a functional and foldable bag in their car or their workplace in case they have to run to the grocery store. Every time your customers use your bag, it markets your brand.
  • Hand out to clients and potential customers: The most obvious way to put your custom bags to use is to hand them out to your potential clients. Hand them out to everyone so that there is a higher chance of people getting to know your brand.
  • Give yourself a positive vibe: The world has become more environmentally conscious in the past decade. Most customers prefer brands that are as conscious of the environment as them. Handing out reusable bags made out of recycled materials can promote a positive brand image which would increase your likeability.


Standing out at trade shows can be tricky, but with the right promotional products, you could attract more customers. Color and eye-catching promotional products such as these bags can be beneficial for your brand and your customers.

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